9 Pcs Black Safety Key-Chain Set

9 Pcs Black Safety Key-Chain Set

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Feel safer when walking alone with a safety keychain set in your hand. A personal protective toolkit that has various tools to help you when in need. 

The protective keychain set includes 9 amazing accessories that help you in your routine tasks while ensuring your protection in emergency situations. 

Easier to keep a keychain set in your hand at all times, than a more bulky protective tool. React at a moment’s notice when your stalker approaches you. 

Self-Defense Tools :

Our safety keychain set has 3 protective tools that can help you grab the attention of nearby people in case someone attacks or harasses you. 

You can use the personal safety alarm to alert people nearby. The alarm device generates ear-piercing noise that will grab the attention of anyone who’s near you. 

You can also use the emergency whistle for the same purpose. Or, just hold the keychain from Pom-Pom Ball and use it as a weapon to attack your attacker. 

Safety with Style :

The safety keychain set is designed for women, so fashion was a crucial aspect of the design. 

The keychain set is designed in pink color and has various female accessories to help you establish a fashion statement. 

It will look completely natural in your hands, and no one would be able to tell that you are carrying weapons of protection with you. 

Best Gift for Her :

A protective keychain set is an ideal gift for your mother, sister, wife, daughter, girlfriend, fiancé, or colleague. Empower the females around you and help them protect themselves. 

The keychain set will show them that you care about their safety and you trust them enough to protect themselves.